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I've had an awesome opportunity to take a corset class taught by the… - ladynatalia_1 [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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[Apr. 3rd, 2006|07:57 am]
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I've had an awesome opportunity to take a corset class taught by the costume designer of the Bristol Renaissance Fair. I had to bring my son with, and boy did he prove to be a distraction! The end result will be a comfortable and supported corset, custom fitted to me. Also we learned about why it's so important to use supplies made especially for corsets. When I started to get into costuming for the Elizabethan period, I did alot of research on corsetry and found that alot of people like to use stuff like lumber strapping to bone their corsets to cut their costs. PLEASE don't do this, lumber strapping has sharp edges and has tons of chemicals on it from the wood and whatnot. People, this can seriously injure you if the edges cut you. Always remember, you and your well-being is much more important than saving a few bucks on a corset! Use plastic coated spring steel bones made for corsetry in your corset and let the lumber straps hold in wood!

Also very important: measure five times and you'll probably cut once! (That is why I said my beloved son was a distraction!)